Breakfast In An Historic Diner

On Wednesday this week, Dan and I met up at the historic Davies’ Chuck Wagon Diner, on West Colfax Ave. in Lakewood.  As a Colorado native Dan had never been there; as an East Coast native I had to take him to this diner!  It’s an original, shipped in from NJ when diners were shiny chrome and steel, and there was still a lunch counter to sit at for an up-close view of the kitchen.  The Chuck Wagon Diner is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Photo by Debbie Sarcone

Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner ~ Photo by Debbie Sarcone

“In 1957, this fully equipped diner was brought from a New Jersey manufacturer. The diner, weighing 46 tons, was shipped to Colorado by rail and placed on its present basement foundation. Because of its great weight, it may be as far west as you will find a diner.” – Go to the Chuck Wagon’s website for more of its history.

Photo by Debbie Sarcone

Dan gives it a "thumbs up"! ~ Photo by Debbie Sarcone

While by no means “upscale”, if you want good food at great prices (you can still get steak & eggs for only $5.45!) this is the place to go!  Dan had the ham & eggs with pancakes, and I had the bacon & eggs with pancakes.  They were both outstanding.  The wait staff was friendly and down to earth.  No snobs here, that’s for sure!  You’ll also be treated to a little bit of the character (and characters) of what is now West Colfax, which was once called “The Gateway To The Rockies” before the interstate was built.  For those who always wonder about the questionable eating and sleeping establishments along the way, Colfax was State Hwy 40 and led right into the mountains. It was the main road to get there and many families over the years before I-70 would drive through, sometimes stay and eat, at these motels and diners before getting to their final destination.  Someday we’ll need to do a pictorial of all the great places that used to be there!  Read about the road’s history HERE.

After breakfast, I headed out to Crown Hill Park for a long walk.  This time, I took some of the gravel hiking trails that edge along the back of the Crown Hill Cemetery and Arboretum.

Photo by Debbie Sarcone

Crown Hill Park ~ Photo by Debbie Sarcone

It is a beautiful walk and usually not as crowded as the main trail around the lake.  Horses come through occasionally on these trails, and you’ll find joggers coming through too.  It’s a wonderful way to unwind and reflect.  There is also a wildlife sanctuary that was dedicated for Earth Day 1990.  From March through June, the walking trails in the sanctuary are closed to visitors; you’ll find many different birds and water fowl nesting there.  After the nesting season is over it’s a beautiful place to walk through!  For more information on the park and to read about its history, go to the Jefferson County Open Space website.

Photo by Debbie Sarcone

Wildlife Sanctuary, Crown Hill Park ~ Photo by Debbie Sarcone

Do you have a place you’d like us to try?  Send us a comment.  We’re up for the adventure!

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